Harris Custom Home Electronics, Inc
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Harris Custom Home Electronics, Inc
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Without Harris Custom Home Electronics, you might as well watch this.
projectors and large screen flat panels are more affordable than ever. 5.1 and even 7.1 Surround Sound system are commonly used in today’s home to bring the full effect of the movies and shows we watch to life.

At HCHE, we carry some of the best brands in the business to insure you get that top notch experience each time you use your home entertainment system. Our technicians are trained in the latest techniques to insure your system looks and sounds its’ absolute best. And more importantly, we’ll insure you know how to work your new system.

With so much of our music and video coming in digital form, this opens up an all new world of digital media servers. You can send music from your Ipod to any room in the house. Listen to any of thousands of internet radio stations. Share pictures and videos from your iPad or computer. Watch the latest movies downloaded directly to your TV in full HD instantly. The possibilities are almost endless. Let the experts here at HCHE be your guide through the digital maze. We will be glad to custom design a home entertainment system to fit your lifestyle and your budget.                                                    
Home theaters were once reserved for only the wealthiest of homeowners. That’s simply not true anymore. Now everyone can enjoy true theater quality video and audio right in the comfort of their own home. High Definition
Contact us today. Whether you need a complete home theater or you just want to update your current TV to a new flat-panel, we can help. And remember, we service what we sell. 
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Video Surveillence Systems 

Camera and DVR systems continue to to improve in video quality while dropping in price. With professional quality color, Indoor/Outdoor 4 camera  Internet ready DVR systems starting at $599, there has never been a better time to invest in protecting what you love. And with an internet connection, you can veiw your cameras live on the internet-even on your smartphone.

Contact us today to explore your options. We have cameras and DVRs for any and all applications. Installing a few cameras can dramatically improve your employees work ethic and reduce employee theft. They can also protect you and your employees from possible false accusations and lawsuits. And we can personally witness to their usefullness in prosecuting a criminal. Our own cameras have helped put at least two would be robbers behind bars!

Contact us today to protect what you love.