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Lighting Control
Lighting control continues to be one of the most requested features people ask for in their new home. Imagine being able to control the lights in and around your home with the touch of a button. Or having the house lights fade down when you watch a movie, and fade up when you stop-automatically! Besides enhancing your lifestyle in ways you’ve never imagined, lighting control is one of the best ways to Go Green and lower your electricity bills. Dimming your lights only 25% saves over 20% in energy costs! And your bulbs last longer as well. A quality lighting system will pay for itself in just a few years and help the environment for years to come.
HCHE is proud to offer the RadioRa II lighting control system from Lutron. Lutron has always been the leader in dimming products-they actually invented the dimmer switch. The new line of dimmers are like no other. They require no special wiring, making them perfect to update your existing home or office. You can control individual or groups of lights-all from convenient wall-mounted or table top controls. The RadioRa II system is specially designed to grow with you as your needs change. Want to add a room or single light? No problem. With their patented RF mesh technology, it has never been easier to bring lighting control to your home or office.
--Light a path from your car or entry to create a warm welcome home.
--Turn lights on with your car visor remote or wall-mounted master control as you arrive-never enter a dark home again.
--Move easily from room to room, never reaching for a switch, with preset paths of light.
--Set the perfect atmosphere for any occasion, and change 
the mood at the touch of a button.
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